Target Variety pack (100)



A Deck of Cards That Tells a Story

Transform Your Game Night with Our Thought-Provoking Gaza-Inspired Deck

Illustrated deck of cards showcasing Gaza's Hamas terrorists, focusing on the IDF's role in eliminating the threat to civilization.

Gaza’s Most Wanted: A Current Perspective

Step into the present with Gaza’s Most Wanted playing cards. Each card in this deck offers a contemporary snapshot of global and Israeli security challenges. Crafted with the highest quality materials, these cards are more than a game – they’re a tool for understanding today’s complex geopolitical landscape. By purchasing this deck, you’re also supporting the IDF and their efforts for stability and peace.

Today’s Struggle in a Deck

Gaza’s Most Wanted playing cards bring current events into your hands. This thoughtfully designed deck represents today’s ongoing efforts for peace and security in Israel. It’s an educational tool, a conversation starter, and a way to show your support for those who are on the frontlines of protecting civilians and combating terrorism.

Poker cards with intricate designs, featuring Mossad's intelligence on current Hamas targets in Gaza.
Custom deck of cards with insights on Gaza's current terror threat, including the role of Israel, Hamas, and the Israel defense forces.

History in Your Hands

Dive into a gripping journey with Gaza’s Most Wanted playing cards. Each card in this set unveils a story, bringing to life the intricate tales of historical figures. Crafted with premium 310 GSM paper, these cards are not just a game, but a tribute to resilience and a tool for understanding complex global dynamics. Perfect for history buffs and collectors alike, these cards link the past to the present in a tangible, thought-provoking way.


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See what people have to say about us

Roee Chayal in IDF

Roee S


Kids play, while we in Gaza

I got these cards for my kids, and they’ve been a huge hit. They spend hours playing with friends and family, while I’m deployed in the field destroying Hamas!

Yuval an israeli soldier in the IDF

Yuval H


My IDF crew loves these!

I shared some decks with my Miluim reserve unit and morale skyrocketed! Great for team building, bonding and discussions. Highly recommend for troops and civilians alike.

Nadav Netzach


Exceptional Quality and Detail

As a collector of unique playing cards, Gaza’s Most Wanted is a standout addition. The deck brings a new perspective to my collection, offering current insights into a crucial topic.

Chassid Studios

Chassid S


Great way to support our troops!

I brought a deck to the office, and it was a game-changer! Caught my producers and directors completely off guard. We ended up playing and laughing – the cards were a big hit!